preface by OG MANDINO

This book is dedicated to ANDREW CARNEGIE whose motto was: “Anything in life worth having is worth working for! “


The great Danish philosopher and religious thinker, Soren Kierkegaard, once wrote, “It is the sign of a good book when the book reads you.”

You hold in your hands such a book — one that has not only become a classic in the self-help field, but also has that rare ability to relate to your problems, sympathize with them, and then advise you on their solutions as a wise old friend would.

Still, I must warn you.

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude will do nothing for you. If you truly wish to change your life for the better, and are willing to pay a price in time and thinking and effort to reach your goals — and if you’re not kidding yourself — then you hold in your hands a diamond plucked from a beach of pebbles, a road map to a better future, a valuable blueprint that will enable you to completely restructure your future.

I speak from experience. Many years ago, through my own stupidities and faults, I lost everything that was precious to me — my family, my home and my job. Nearly penniless, and with no guidance, I began to wander the country, searching for myself and for some answers that would make my life bearable.

I spent much time in public libraries because they were free — and warm. I read everything from Plato to Peale, seeking that one message that would explain to me where I had gone wrong — and what I could do to salvage the remainder of my life.

I finally found my answer in W. Clement Stone’s and Napoleon Hill’s Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude. I have employed the simple techniques and methods found in this classic for more than fifteen years, and they have provided me with riches and happiness far beyond anything I deserve. From a penniless vagrant without a single root, I eventually became the president of two corporations and the executive editor of the finest magazine of its kind in the world, Success Unlimited. I also wrote six books, and one of them, The Greatest Salesman in the World, has now become the best-selling book for salespeople of all time; it has been translated into fourteen languages and has sold more than three million copies.

None of these things would have been accomplished without the daily application of the principles of success and living that I found in Stone’s and Hill’s classic. If I could accomplish what I did starting from ground zero, just think what you can do with all you have going for you already.

We live in a strange and fast-moving world; each day a new false prophet arises preaching his own brand of happiness and success attainment. Like hula hoops and pet rocks they will all disappear as quickly as they appeared, and when the fog lifts, the truth of Stone’s and Hill’s book will still be changing the lives of thousands yet unborn.

Do you really want to change your life for the better?

If you do, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude can be the luckiest thing that has ever happened to you. Read it. Study it. Read it again. Then get into action. It’s all very simple, really, if you make up your mind to work at it.

And wonderful things will begin happening to you.

I should know.