Digital Communications Will NOT Replace Face-to-Face Selling

There’s an interesting article posted at Journalism UK this morning in which Criterion Worldwide is asking: “Why in this age of content marketing, social media and digital marketing, do people still need a personal touch? They know from their contractors combined years of experience that face to face sales provides their clientele with a guaranteed ROI, […]

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GDPR – A Dose Of Postive Mental Attitude Required!

As part of ensuring that SALES MONKEY quickly became GDPR compliant, I recently attended a workshop at the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce in Newport. As I suspected, I’d understood a lot of it but both the implications and implementation ran deeper than many who attended had realised. That said, when faced with adversity, […]

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Our “Noise From The Jungle” Blog Opens For Business

So now we’ve finally got our GDPR compliance in line it’s time to move on to sunnier climes, namely our “Noise From The Jungle” news blog. Each week we’ll be writing or featuring topics from the Isle of Wight and around the world that will (or should) specifically interest sales professionals. We’ll be sure to […]

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