There’s an interesting article posted at Journalism UK this morning in which Criterion Worldwide is asking: “Why in this age of content marketing, social media and digital marketing, do people still need a personal touch? They know from their contractors combined years of experience that face to face sales provides their clientele with a guaranteed ROI, and they want each of their new recruits to understand the importance of their practice as a legitimate form of marketing.

In a recent study, Oxford Economics examined the effectiveness of in person meetings and those hosted online, and discovered that for 85% of those studied found that their face to face interactions were more effective than those conducted online. While this study focused on meetings, Criterion Worldwide believe that it shows the effectiveness of face to face interaction over digital forms. Individuals seem to feel an innate feeling of trust in more personal situations. The reasons behind this are hotly debated in marketing circles, but Criterion Worldwide are confident that they have the answers.”

If you want the important segment to quickly pack up and take with you today, this fairly sums up the article and is something that I would 100% endorse:

“The first reason, stems from the fact that buying decision are made less on the basis of technical features and functions and more on the organisational and personal relationships of trust. When it comes to the prospect of making a good buying decision, cognitive studies have shown that there needs to be an emotional connection the pervades analytics. Body language, facial expressions, tone of voice are all examples of the ways in which Criterion Worldwide attempt to tap into the emotion needed to create a trusting buying relationship. Buyers want a relationship with the company before they delve into a contract or purchase, and to know that those linked to the company are reputable and trustworthy.”

Full article here.