A salesperson who sells to his clients by lying or manipulating the truth is not a great salesperson, he’s just a good liar. There’s no need to wrap this one in cotton wool or sugar-coat it; the interests of your client should always be paramount and your main focus and concern.

Many companies are consumed with a culture of commission and bonuses that at some point down the line will come back to haunt them. A few years ago the banks and financial institutions around the world found out that lesson the hard way..
If you’re sitting in front of a client and are leading that client towards a specific product because it’s the product that will earn you the most commission then you do not have either the integrity or an understanding of the sales process to be a great salesperson. All great salespeople, bar none, no matter what business they are in, fully understand and employ the following quote:

Along similar lines, great salespeople don’t sell products; they sell themselves but never products. Instead, they will look at what they can do for a company they wish to do business with. They will carefully assess what a given company is trying to achieve and then work out how their company and products can help that company reach those goals. What is good for your client is good for you because by helping your clients achieve their goals you’ll soon gain a reputation that will bring more clients knocking enthusiastically at your door! Do right by your clients and your bank balance will take care of itself.

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