If there’s one ingredient in the recipe that is sales, upon which your entire pitch can succeed or fail, it’s enthusiasm! There are a million ways to show enthusiasm and a million ways to bring it into your pitch and bring it in you must! Americans have a habit of maybe overdoing enthusiasm a tad or rather mistaking over-exuberance for enthusiasm..

Enthusiasm doesn’t necessarily mean loud. I can voice enthusiasm quietly as long as the tone of my voice is varied and excited. In fact, I can whisper and still convey enthusiasm to whoever I’m whispering to. If we’re going to close a client we’ll need him or her to be enthusiastic at the point of close. During the pitch we can affect their enthusiasm by transmitting our own enthusiasm over to them using our voice, body-language, eye to eye contact and a plethora of other things. In the video above, Tony Little goes slightly over the top with his enthusiasm but there’s actually a good reason he did that: Tony was working through the medium of TV and not standing directly in front of the people he was pitching. He knew that in order to get the TV viewers to a reasonable level of enthusiasm (before asking them to pick up the phone and order his products) he would have to demonstrate at least 2-3 times that level of enthusiasm himself.. and that’s exactly what he did and to great effect. Tony was one of the most successful TV Shop salespeople back in the 90s and remembered for his incredible intensity and enthusiasm.

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