As part of ensuring that SALES MONKEY quickly became GDPR compliant, I recently attended a workshop at the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce in Newport. As I suspected, I’d understood a lot of it but both the implications and implementation ran deeper than many who attended had realised. That said, when faced with adversity, there are always a couple of ways to look at it and the best way is always “positive”! W Clement Stone wrote: “To every disadvantage there is a corresponding advantage.” and Napoleon Hill wrote something very similar himself: “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” During the meeting the very charming lady leading the workshop quite succinctly responded to some corporate groaning by pointing out that everyone in the room could now look forward to their own data being stored and used in a far more responsible manner. Of course, she was quite right and I sat up and paid better attention for the next couple of hours which in turn culminated in SALES MONKEY becoming compliant well before the curtains are drawn in May this year and that can only make us a better business. If you haven’t yet gripped the nettle, all the info you should need can be found on the ICO website located here. That said, if you’d rather sit on the beach in Ryde and sip a pina colada whilst someone else takes care of your compliance for you, have a word with our friends at Bate Brand who should have you covered.