Managing staff is not always an easy task and keeping them motivated needs constant work and attention. That task will be rendered impossible, however, if you don’t really know your staff and what makes each member of your company come to work in the mornings.

When was the last time you took an employee out for a meal during which you showed that person that you truly cared about him or her by finding out how their personal lives were going, how their family was doing and what it really was that motivated that person to come to work each day?

As a business owner or manager we want our people to be motivated, to enjoy their work, to do it to the absolute best of their ability and to all be pulling in the same direction. After all, we do exactly that, right? But we know why we’re motivated, we know what our goals are and that’s why each day we are able to motivate ourselves to work towards them. If we didn’t know what our goals were, would we be as motivated as we are? No, of course not. Our goals are the things that get our juices flowing and make us go the extra mile.

Well, if you don’t what motivates each member of your team, how are you going to motivate them?