Duncan, the SALES MONKEY CEO, recently had this to say when asked about the benefits of sales training:

“Sales training is THE most important form of training any business owner can invest in. If you own a business and perform a service or exchange goods for money then you’re a sales person by default and you need to know how to sell. You may well have a team of sales people who are employed to market your products and services but unless you understand the sales process, how will you know whether or not that sales team is performing as well as it should be? A CEO or Director cannot successfully run a company or organisation without a clear and accomplished understanding of sales. That’s the very reason that the largest percentage CEOs began their careers in sales.

Of course, once you finally realise that either yourself and/or your sales team would benefit from top class sales training, you’re then confronted by the conundrum of who to choose to perform that training. There are many sales training companies out there but is their training going to fundamentally improve everything you do in sales and provide the maximum results that you’re looking for?

Many times I hear sales trainers tell prospective clients that they have X amount of years experience in sales. At the end of the day their longevity in the business, whilst commendable, is actually irrelevant. We don’t need sales trainers with 30 years experience in sales! We need sales trainers who were at the top of their game for 30 years; sales trainers who consistently outsold everyone around them; sales trainers who, whilst working as salespeople, year on year picked up every award for sales in the companies in which they plied their trade. Those are the salespeople we need passing on their experience to others.

There’s an old saying: ‘Practise makes perfect!’ No it doesn’t! ‘PERFECT PRACTISE MAKES PERFECT!’ Consistently doing the RIGHT things, using the RIGHT techniques with the RIGHT attitude will make you CONSISTENTLY SUCCESSFUL in sales. In order to do that you need to be trained by someone who will teach you the RIGHT things to do consistently and then emulate those. Those RIGHT things will not be taught to you by someone who’s read them in a book or someone who was taught them a few weeks ago in a sales training seminar or someone who’s results did not back up either their understanding of the techniques or their ability to successfully apply them. They will be taught to you by someone who has SUCCESSFULLY used them year after year. When that sales trainer tells you to use a particular technique, he does so not because he’s been told it works or he’s read it works but because he’s used it to close thousands and thousands of deals and he knows without any doubt IT WORKS!

I used to have a poor attitude to sales training. I was asked to set up a sales training company at the age of 26 (25 years ago) when I first reached the very pinnacle of my game in industrial chemical sales. My reply was along the lines of ‘those who can DO and those who can’t.. teach’. Whilst harsh, there’s also some truth in that statement. At this juncture in my life, I’ve chosen to train sales for a few reasons. In part it’s because it allows me to regulate how much I work and by doing so I can spend the time I need to spend with my now 9 year old son. I’ve realised I’m only going to get one shot at being his Dad and bringing him up the way he needs to be brought up, so I have to make the most of that one chance. Secondly, I’m now old enough and hopefully wise enough to have lost the ego that requires me to always be the star. I get a huge kick now from seeing the people I train achieve results they never thought possible, seeing them do things that they’d once have shied away from and watching their companies grow in a way that simply couldn’t have happened without the structure, techniques and attitude that the SALES MONKEY training provides them with.

And it’s not just the sales results that business people achieve through our training; with success comes confidence, a heightened self-esteem and belief in yourself and your ability to accomplish anything you set your mind to. That new attitude pervades everything you do, including your personal relationships with your friends, family and children.

With the RIGHT sales training and the RIGHT attitude we can literally achieve any goal we set for ourselves. Napoleon Hill nailed it when he said: ‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.’ With the RIGHT sales training you’ll be shocked at just what your mind can both conceive and believe and even more surprised at how successful you are at achieving it.”

If you’d like to talk to us about how SALES MONKEY can help to seriously improve your company’s results, please shoot us an email now or pick up the phone and call 0800 2980152. That number will take you straight to Duncan at the Isle of Wight office in Gurnard Pines.