I’ve run a paper planner for the last 30 years but during the last 20 years or so I’ve also run online calendars via my smartphone and laptop. Now and again I’ve made a valiant effort to go completely digital but I’ve never quite stuck with it. In this day and age of CRMs, Outlook, Google Calendar and Sales Force, running a digital calendar is essential and can’t be avoided. However, attention to detail and making the right impression is key in sales and there’s something about fumbling around with an online calendar on a smart phone screen that doesn’t look or feel particularly professional, at least when I try it..

My solution is to always run both. When I open my Mulberry Agenda (which is my personal brand preference) I can immediately see the weeks appointments ahead and choosing a time for a new meeting takes just a few moments. A second meeting may well be the “close” of this pitch so I want that close to be a quick, painless and smooth transition.

Back in the car or the office I’ll take out my laptop and transfer that appointment into the online calendar or Sales Force. Job done!

It’s also a good idea to run a good quality planner, one that looks professional and the pages inside look well kept and organised. Everything you show to a client tells him or her something about you so always be “saying” something positive!